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Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a look through our FAQ’s for information on the restaurant. If you still have not found the answer to your queries, please get in contact with our support team at info@manarestaurant.co.uk

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code, please come as you feel comfortable


Is mana suitable for children?

We welcome children as young as 6 years old in the restaurant, however please be aware that no children’s menu is offered and are charged at the same rate as an adult


What is the largest table you can accommodate?

Our largest table accommodates 6 guests


Do you accept walk-ins?

Mana is a reservations-only restaurant, the cut-off for making a reservation for the same day is 11am.​


Do you cater for dietary requirements?

We are able to cater for all intolerance’s and allergies except vegan menus or menus free from milk protein if we are informed prior to the day of your visit. If you would like to avoid an ingredient for religious reasons we will provide a suitable alternative. You will be asked these questions during confirmation of your reservation.


Journey with Mana