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Please take a moment to read the following information regarding our restrictions to menu adaptions:

  • We do not create a Vegan menu
  • We urge you to have an open mind and ask for your confidence in our preparations, therefore we do not make menu adaptions for dislikes
  • Your menu is prepared exclusively and especially for you on the day of your visit, we require you to let us know of any allergies or intolerance’s for your party prior to your visit with at least 48 hours notice. Note this includes Vegetarian menus. You will be given the opportunity to inform us during confirmation of your reservation
  • If you are a Pescatarian, we are happy to include our Fish and Shellfish servings in the menu, we will replace any meat servings with the vegetarian alternative, just let us know
  • If you have an allergy to an animal, fish or shellfish protein, our vegetarian equivalent will be provided as the alternative, which may include dairy unless otherwise required. This also applies to aversions due to religious reasons
  • Unannounced dietary requirements will not be catered for
  • We cannot replace meat servings for a halal equivalent


General information:

  • mana accommodates tables of one to four.
  • Reservations are accepted on a 90 day rolling basis. At 12am a new day is released and as long as it falls on a day that we’re open you’ll be able to reserve if there is availability.
  • Due to high demand for tables of two, you are much more likely to find a table for four guests.
  • Children under the age of 6 years old are not permitted in the restaurant.
  • A discretionary 12.5% service charge will automatically be added to your bill, which is distributed amongst our team.
  • mana is a British restaurant. Our menu is dependant on our natural resources thankfully supplemented by our fertile waters. We are one of a very few nations where our diet does not reflect our geographical location, yet we are an island, and we have some of the best seafood in the world which we portray heavily on our menu. For those who are unable to eat seafood due to an allergy, we are happy to provide our vegetarian alternative.


All reservations must be made online.

Reservations for 2021 are currently closed whilst curfew restrictions are in debate.

From 7th January 2021, our Lunch menu will be priced at £80, and our Dinner menu at £155.


Opening hours

Please Note: We are closed from Sunday to Tuesday, during this time calls may be missed but we will return your call, please assist us by leaving a voicemail. Annual closures: 20 December-5 January


19:00 Late


12:00 13:30

19:00 Late


12:00 13:30

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