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A creative British restaurant with its eyes open to the world around it.


​mana noun ma·na \ mä-nə

The power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person.





The perpetual cycle of the seasons defines our menu

The best produce from the British isles is prepared from its original form every day, enhanced with preservation methods, enabled by seasons past. As an island nation, we embody our land, especially our waters, producing a menu that encompasses our natural resources.

We treat farmers, fishermen and artisans as friends and collaborators to better our conclusive efforts and ultimately our guests’ experience.


From conception to consistent creation – understanding the balance between fundamental nature, science, and transient art.

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, cooking at mana is highly technical and precise, but only where required, and always committed to the source. The result is recognisable and respectful, with produce enhanced by our intervention. Fermentation and fire are the widest pillars of our kitchen. Flavours are bold, whilst textures are delicate.

Authentic practices old and new enable us to augment our vision and the execution of it.


Journey with mana