• Upcycling

    Our restaurant runs entirely on electricity from renewable resources and appliances meet the highest energy efficiency ratings. We do not use any single-use plastics, and we utilize honest byproducts like Oyster and Scallop shells to make products such as Gin, and exfoliating hand soap. Our cleaning chemicals are organic, and we source all our ingredients from independent, sustainable suppliers. In the very few instances that we source food products from abroad, we ensure that those suppliers especially are upholding high sustainability standards. 

  • Resources

    We have successfully reduced our paper use to almost zero, and our linens are 100% fair-trade cotton and reusable. We use an integrated filtration system for table water, saving on thousands of single use glass bottles each year. 

  • Provenance

    All our meat, fish, and shellfish comes from British sources, and we personally visit many of our suppliers to ensure their standards meet ours. The majority of the wine list we curate is organic and/or biodynamic, and to reduce air miles, we create many classical ingredients seen only as from abroad using British produce.

  • Wellbeing

    Our staff are fed healthy meals and receive 35 days of holiday per year. We have a strong culture and provide our staff with two additional rest days per month and set, consecutive days off work. We also offer free gym memberships, and we maintain a positive and functional environment filled with natural light.

  • Utility

    We have a comprehensive fermentation facility that allows us to use almost 100% of our food waste, or food waste is put to good use in other areas of our business. All reusable packaging is returned to the supplier or repurposed. Our fixtures and fittings are decomposable or directly from the earth with minimal intervention, and we do not use plastic in our restaurant design or decoration.

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